Posted by Rosie McWhirter on Sep 05 2011 at 05:00PM PDT in 2018-2019 Indoor Season

A copy of each team's game sheet will be posted here (see link below).  

Game Sheet Procedure

1. Complete your team's game sheet (players names and jersey numbers in order of jersey number) and send it to the league by September 15, 2018.

2. Each team's game sheet will be approved by the league and posted here (see link below).

3. Before each game, download your game sheet and your opponents game sheet from this web page.

4. Copy and paste the team's information into the correct Home and Visitors columns (including team name and colour). 

5. Fill out the date and game time at the top.

6. Print 2 copies of the game sheet and bring them to the game. (Do not pre-print game sheets for the entire season! Game sheets will change as players are added on late registration dates)

7. After the game, initial all 4 copies (your 2 and the other team's 2).

8. Each team rep will keep one copy for their records and the referee will keep one copy.

9. If you are the home team, place one copy in the binder at the reception desk at the dome (ask for the women's league binder).

10. Text or call the results of the game and indicate if any cards were issued to the statistician by midnight on Friday.  





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