Posted by Rosie McWhirter on Sep 05 2011 at 05:00PM PDT in 2018-2019 Indoor Season


 BQWISL follows the OSA Playing Rules for Indoor Soccer (available below) with the following exceptions:

  •  A match shall be played by 2 teams, each with no more than seven players and not less than five players on the field of play. One of the players shall be the goalkeeper. 
  • During playoff games, the following rules will be used to break a tie at the end of regulation time:

-Shootout consisting of 3 players per team

- If no one is declared winner after the shootout, a sudden death shootout will commence

League Specific Rules 
  • A team shall be allowed five minutes after the game starting time to produce five players on the field, and if at the end of this time, they are unable to meet this requirement, the team shall forfeit the game. 


 The full league Rules & Regulations are available below. 



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